Online Activity: European Rainbow Map


To engage you in a detailed exploration of the European Rainbow Map to enhance your understanding of the legal environment affecting LGBTQI+ individuals across Europe, with a specific focus on your own country and the criteria used to evaluate LGBTQI+ rights.

Learning Outcomes

  • Legal Insight: You will gain insight into the specific legal protections and challenges faced by LGBTQI+ people in various European countries.
  • Comparative Analysis Skills: You will develop the ability to compare and contrast LGBTQI+ rights across different jurisdictions and understand the factors that influence these legal landscapes.
  • Critical Thinking: You will enhance your ability to critically analyze the criteria used to assess LGBTQI+ rights and how these reflect on the real-life situations of LGBTQI+ individuals.

Tools and Materials Needed


This activity involves a guided exploration of the European Rainbow Map and ILGA-Europe’s annual report. You will examine the legal protections afforded to LGBTQI+ individuals in different European countries, focusing particularly on your own country. This exercise will help you understand the diversity and complexity of legal landscapes across Europe.


1. Access the European Rainbow Map

Go to Here, you will find an interactive map that rates countries based on their legal and policy practices affecting LGBTQI+ people.

2. Explore Your Country’s Score

Locate your country on the map and click on it to see a detailed breakdown of its score. Take note of the overall ranking and score out of 100.

3. Detailed Criteria Breakdown

Explore the “Breakdown by Criteria” link to delve deeper into what legal protections are measured. Explore categories such as family rights, hate speech laws, legal gender recognition, and more.

4. Comparison with Other Countries

Select a few other countries, preferably one with a high score and another with a low score, to compare with your own country. Note the differences and think about what might account for these disparities.

5. Review the Annual Report

Visit the ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Europe 2023 Report. Read through the section pertaining to your country to gain further insights into the specific challenges and advancements described in the report.

6. Reflect on Your Findings

Reflect on how the legal situation in your country compares to others. Consider how these laws affect the lives of LGBTQI+ people and think about areas where improvement is needed.

7. Document Your Insights

Write down your thoughts, findings, and any surprising elements you discovered during this exploration. Consider how this knowledge might influence your perspective or actions regarding LGBTQI+ rights.

By completing this activity...

…you will have a clearer picture of how different European countries approach LGBTQI+ rights legally and socially. This exploration will not only inform you but also empower you with knowledge to advocate for more comprehensive protections within your community.

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